ADA Checklist - After the Survey

List Barriers and Solutions

Consider the solutions listed beside each question on the checklist and add your own ideas. Consult with building contractors and equipment suppliers to estimate the costs for making modifications.

Develop an Implementation Plan

Although an implementation plan is not required, the Department of Justice recommends such a plan, specifying what barriers will be removed and when solutions will occur: "...Such a plan...could serve as evidence of a good faith effort to comply..." Prioritize items, make a timeline and develop a budget. Where the removal of barriers is not readily achievable, consider whether there are alternative methods for providing access that are readily achievable such as curbside takeout service at a restaurant with an accessible intercom system outside.

Make Changes

Use the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Check whether local and state building codes require greater accessibility when alterations are undertaken.

Follow Up

Review the plan each year to evaluate whether more access improvements can be made.