• Myrna Cabanban, President 
  • David E. Wolf, 1st Vice President
  • Dr. Robert Bitonte, 2nd Vice President 
  • Robert Williams, Secretary
  • Iran Hopkins, Commissioner 
  • Richard Rothenberg, Commissioner 
  • Alisa Schlesinger, Commissioner
  • Betty Wilson, Commissioner

The Commission is responsible for:

  • Development of Commission agendas
  • Recommendations for assignment of members to ad hoc committees and task forces
  • Coordination of public hearings and preparation of consequent reports to the Mayor and City Council
  • Preparation of required Commission annual reports
  • Liaison to the other Commissions and community at large on disability issues
  • Coordination of Commission special events and public relations activities, as needed

For further information, please telephone the Commission Office at (213) 202-2764 or (213) 202-3452 TTY